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Helping companies figure out who they are and how to say that to the world • Independent Strategist  • Keynote Speaker • @USArmy Veteran


VP Market


Led our company’s effort to distinguish itself in a segment of HR that is oft overlooked and stale. We made great headway before a VC led reorganization at the start of the COVID-19 recession. 

Marketing Manager & Brand Evangelist

Cloud Conversion
oct 20172018

Oversees the brand development for CloudPerks, a Salesforce Appexchange application offering Salesforce users exceptional travel discounts.

Reports to CEO, Jon Jessup


Tahoe Dreamin' (Pro bono)

Tahoe Dreamin' is a Salesforce Community led conference held in South Lake Tahoe. Zachary is on the leadership team responsible for hosting, marketing, sponsorships, schedule, and booking speakers. Zachary has coordinated the marketing for the conference with partners. The conference averages an attendance of 280+ and has featured keynote speakers, Adam Seligam, former EVP Salesforce Platform, Shawna Wolverton, former SVP Platform, and Sarah Franklin, EVP Trailhead and Developer Relations.

Reports to Conference Chair, Bill Greenhaw

Leadership Community Founder

ImpactMatters (Pro Bono)
Sep 2017present

Zachary founded ImpactMatters, a leadership community devoted to discovering the leadership methods, means, and mindsets that have an impact that matters. In September 2018 Zachary handed over the weekly operation of the community to Tom Reid, noted leadership expert, and longtime community member. Zachary serves as an advisor and occasional host to ImpactMatters Chat.

Founder, Zachary Jeans


Constellation Orbits
Feb 2014Present

Constellation Orbits is an influencer network designed to extend Constellation Research Group's coverage of digital disruption in technology, business models, and society.  They've hand picked the most fearless, influential thought leaders to share their unfettered views on the digital disruption ahead of us. 

Ray Wang, CEO and Founder Constellation

Ceo & Founder

Jun 2012Oct 2017

Tourizing is a digital strategy company advising ISVs and SIs around market strategy, marketing, and partnerships. Clients and nature of work are listed below.

CEO, Zachary Jeans

Brand Strategist

Geopointe (CLient)
Jan 2017June 2017

Advised Geopointe, a Salesforce ISV, with market strategy, brand awareness, and marketing opportunities at events and digital. 

Reported to CEO, Scott Hemmeter

Director of Marketing

CRM SCience (Client)
July 2015Dec 2016

Zachary led marketing for CRM Science, a Salesforce SI and PDO. Responsible for developing community, social channels, events, alliances, non-profit giving partnerships, and market strategy that contributed to CRM Science's year over year growth that placed it on the Inc 5000 list in 2016 and 2017. 

Reported to CEO, Ami Assyag

Keynote Speaker & Founder

Salesforce India Tour
May 2016Jul 2016

Zachary founded and keynoted the first ever India wide Salesforce community tour. Bringing together 20 Salesforce community leaders and leaders to achieve a national identity, promote and form women in tech Salesforce groups, and create partnerships to local NGOs. Zachary keynoted at 13 meet-ups, visiting 17 cities across India, including London, and Paris Salesforce World Tours. Zachary and his leadership team worked  in coordination with multiple ISVs and SIs both in India and beyond. Where there had only been one active WiT group, there are now 18!

Keynote Speaker & Founder, Zachary Jeans

Co-Host & Community Builder

LeadWithGiants (Pro Bono)
Mar 2013Sep 2017

The Vision of the Lead With Giants Community is to raise up 10,000 Uplifting Leaders. Zachary organized  guests and facilitated the growth of the community via its weekly Twitter chat. 

Zachary sat on the leadership team and was Co-Host of the #LeadWithGiants Twitter Community.

Reported to President, Dan V. Forbes


Marketing Strategy

roundcorner (Client)
Jan 2013Jan 2017

roundCorner was a Platinum partner, and for a period a OEM with it's product NGO Connect, Advancement Connect, and Foundation Connect. 

Zachary was foundational to developing marketing strategy across multiple channels, engaging Salesforce non-profit implementation partners, ISVs, and broader non-profit and higher-ed  community. He oversaw the role out of the OEM marketing strategy in conjunction with, and managed the PR during the eventual dissolution of that agreement. Helped define the company's first director of marketing role, and educated their hire to understand the Salesforce ecosystem and it's unique social structures.

Reported to the President, Dan Lammot.

Strategy Advisor

Concretio (CLient)
Aug 2016Nov 2016

Concretio is a Salesforce SI and product development company.

Zachary served as advisor around market strategy, leadership, and partnerships.

Reported to CEO, Abhinav Gupta

Digital Marketing

Kona Datasearch (Client)
Sep 2013Dec 2015

Kona DataSearch is a Salesforce ISV partner. Its product is used by large organizations for searching across multiple cloud platforms, including Salesforce.

Worked with Kona to develop social strategy, content creation, and partnerships for Dreamforce.

Reported to the CEO, Dave Hall.

Kona DataSearch

Social Strategy & PR

D.D. Williamson (Client)
Jan 2014May 2014

DDW is the world leader in caramel color and a leading provider of natural colors for food and beverage products, providing product for 2 Billion meals a day.

Managed Social strategy, content curation and PR via social channels.

Reported to VP of Marketing, Campbell Barnum

D.D. Williamson

Digital Marketing

AppBuddy (Client)
Oct 2013Nov 2014

AppBuddy, or Primal Cause, LLC., is a Salesforce ISV partner. Its product is used by both for profit, and non-profit organizations to quickly access and edit data in Salesforce.

Social strategy, curation, and content creation. Contributed to brand redesign of digital properties, including website, and appexchange listings.

Reported to President, Marc Aubin.

Social Strategy & PR

Saleshood (Client)
Feb 2014Mar 2014

Launched SalesHood's social strategy and advised CEO & founder, Elay Cohen, former SVP Salesforce Sales & Partner Productivity around PR and social marketing. 

Reported to CEO, Elay Cohen


Tour To Dreamforce
May 2012Sep 2012

Zachary organized a 16 city national Salesforce community tour sponsored by Salesforce SIs that began in Portland Oregon and circumnavigated the country finishing at Dreamforce in San Francisco. The tour raised awareness for cancer research and emphasized the power of the collaborative community. Both Twitter handles, @ZacharyJeans and @Tour2DF, were consistently in the top 7 most influential during Dreamforce 2012.

Founder, Zachary Jeans


Road To Dreamforce (Pro Bono)
may 2011Sep 2011

Zachary was responsible for developing the branding, social marketing and logistics for the inaugural "Road To Dreamforce" trip which kicked off in Chicago and traversed the country by RV to San Francisco for Dreamforce 2011. The group was comprised of multiple Salesforce MVPs and community leaders. They met with users and companies at meet-ups across the country. for Evently, a Salesforce ISV founded by former VP of Dreamforce, Salesforce, Tom Wong. Zachary helped coin the term "Road To Dreamforce" under the twitter handle Road2DF, which was subsequently adopted by Salesforce as the marketing campaign that leads into the world's largest cloud computing conference!  

Reported to CEO, Tom Wong


Crete Carrier Corporation
May 2007Aug 2012

Responsible for the movement of dry good freight by commercial vehicle. 

Area: National

Reported to Regional Manager, Brett Slizek

Crete Carrier Corp

Co-Founder & Community Builder

Grassroots Community church
Oct 2004May 2007

Co-Founded a faith community in Pahoa, Hawaii. 

Responsible for the team formation, organizational precepts, and on the ground community development. 

Reported to Co-Founder, Lead Pastor, Ashuwah Hawthorne

Further Work History

(Complete Client List Available Upon Request)


Leadership & Ministry

Multnomah University
Feb 2014Feb 2016

Leadership & Ministry, BA

Leadership & Ministry, BA, is for those students wanting practical leadership, counseling & management training for the church, non-profit, and  business.

Multnomah University: Leadership & Ministry